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Creditor Representation • Collections • Foreclosures And Repossessions

Last updated on October 5, 2023

As one of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s most-experienced commercial and financial litigation law firms, the Biloxi practice of Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law protects the rights of financial lending organizations, secured and unsecured creditors, creditors’ committees and equity committees in a variety of areas.

The advice and expertise of our attorneys in guarding creditors’ rights are trusted by attorneys and commercial organizations across the nation, and we work closely with law firms, the local bankruptcy trustees, organizations, and in-house counsel to represent the interests of out-of-state clients throughout Mississippi.

Our creditors’ rights practice group diligently handles a wide variety of disputes commonly related to financial litigation, including bankruptcy disputes, foreclosures and repossessions, and commercial collections.

When an individual or business files a petition for bankruptcy, an automatic stay of all debt collection activity is ordered by the court. Acting as an injunction against the collection of any assets by creditors, bankruptcy laws provide creditors with a variety of rights to be protected during the bankruptcy proceeding, including the right to petition the court for an order requiring the debtor to protect the value of the collateral from loss or depreciation.

Creditors’ rights related to collecting on debts owed vary depending on whether the creditor is secured or unsecured and what type of bankruptcy claim is filed. In some cases, creditors may challenge a petitioner’s attempt to discharge nonexempt claims debt by filing a discharge objection, defend themselves against preference actions, file objections to Chapter 13 plan confirmation, and work to ferret out hidden assets and uncover fraudulent filings.

The diligence and persistence of creditors and creditors’ rights lawyers are fundamental to protecting their rights as lenders, and at Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law, we offer uncompromising and meticulous representation to creditors, making certain their rights are protected.

If your rights as a commercial organization lending practice, creditors’ committees or trustee are at stake, contact the Biloxi-Gulfport practice of Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law for creditor representation throughout the state of Mississippi.


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