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Guiding Mississippi Families Through Estate Administration And Litigation

Last updated on October 5, 2023

A thorough estate plan, created with the help of an estate planning attorney, can make the transition of assets smoother after the loss of a loved one. However, estate plans occasionally require the help of courts to sort through the decedent’s assets and wishes in order to properly administrate the estate left behind.

The attorneys of Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law have been assisting families with complicated estate administration and litigation matters since 1987. Contact our firm to discuss your situation with legal counsel you can trust.

Administrating The Estate

The probate process can be a lengthy and emotionally exhausting process. Without the guidance of an attorney, the process can last months, preventing the decedent’s wishes from being carried out in a timely manner and delaying the transition of property meant for the beneficiaries.

Experience is key in resolving estate administration matters efficiently. Our attorneys have worked with a wide array of families throughout Mississippi and understand the common problems that may prolong the process. We can assist families facing administration issues by:

  • Reviewing the terms of the will for authenticity and validity
  • Resolving conflicts regarding the terms of the will
  • Inventorying the decedent’s assets to determine if any property has not been designated
  • Identifying debts and helping the beneficiaries create plans to address them
  • Distributing the decedent’s assets

Our firm’s extensive experience in estate administration has made them a valuable resource for families across the Gulf Coast.

Litigating An Estate

Estate administration commonly relies on the execution of a document authored by a person who is no longer able to explain the terms of their estate plan. Unfortunately, this occasionally opens estate plans up to dispute.

Families and individuals choose to pursue estate litigation for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Questioning the authenticity of the will because of another party’s influence on the decedent
  • Arguing that a given beneficiary should be included on or excluded from the estate plan
  • Disputing the amount of property distributed to another individual
  • Questioning the actions of an executor or trustee

No matter what the case may be, litigating an estate can be incredibly complex, and the relationship between the beneficiaries may be damaged if handled improperly. Our attorneys come from an array of litigation backgrounds and can provide excellent representation on your behalf.

Find Resolution With Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law

Estate administration and litigation matters demand thorough investigation and careful analysis. We are here to help. Contact our office via email or call us at 228-300-4363.