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Passionate Protection Of Your Assets For Generations To Come

Your family and your assets are both the result of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. When the inevitable happens, you should have a plan in place that protects both your family and the assets you have worked hard to obtain. Estate planning is a complex process and requires the careful analysis of an experienced professional to ensure a smooth transition of property.

Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law has the experience and proven skill necessary to guide you through the estate planning process and help you anticipate the unanticipated. Contact our firm in Mississippi to learn more about our estate planning services.

More Than Just A Transaction

At Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law, we know that estate planning means more than just papers listing your assets and determining where they should go. An estate plan is the culmination of your life’s work and an opportunity for you to leave behind a legacy that can affect your family for generations. We take pride in using our legal knowledge to help people in Mississippi and across the country create plans that reflect who they were in life and how they wish to be remembered.

We operate on the principle that decisions like these must be made with as much information as possible. Our attorneys will work to evaluate your estate, understand your family situation and help you achieve your estate planning goals. We educate all our clients on their options and help make decisions based on quality legal advice.

Byrd & Wiser Attorneys at Law can help individuals and families address their estate planning needs by:

  • Explaining their options for the posthumous distribution of assets
  • Drafting the necessary paperwork for wills
  • Providing experience-based counsel for creating trusts
  • Determining plans for guardianship and conservatorship
  • Establishing advanced medical directives

Helping individuals understand the difference wills and trusts can make in establishing their legacy is one of the most crucial parts of the estate planning process. Wills provide a more cost-effective option for estate planning and generally contain more specificity as to how assets should be distributed. A trust, while more expensive and complex to create, provides more flexibility during estate administration and may help avoid probate altogether.

Our firm also assists with estate administration and litigation matters, as well.

Understand The Full Extent Of Your Options. Contact Our Firm.

When creating an estate plan in Mississippi, you have a wealth of options. Make the right choice for you, your assets and your family. Email our firm or call us at 228-300-4363 to schedule an introductory consultation.