Estate Litigation


In some cases, the best laid plans of a deceased loved one go awry and those left behind are left (sometimes unwillingly and occasionally intentionally) with having to resort to the Courts in order to enforce that deceased loved one’s plan. Occasionally a family member has neglected to execute a Will or has not received the best of advice in putting a Will together. Regretfully, there are even occasions when an unscrupulous relative or acquaintance has exerted undue influence over an elderly or unwittingly trusting family member.

Byrd & Wiser have successfully handled litigation in numerous cases in which these types of matters have required Court intervention to achieve resolution and have assisted many in ensuring that a loved one’s true last wishes, apart from the “advice” of third parties, have been determined and implemented.

Let Byrd & Wiser help when you find yourself in the unenviable position of a person whose deceased loved one has been the victim of poor planning, no planning or undue influence from a third party who was seeking to take advantage of that loved one’s weakened state.


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